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Healing via plant-based food

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

With SO many diet options out there, it can be confusing which one is right for you. But over the years, one of the most beneficial diets, consistently backed by science, is plant-based eating. Countless studies prove not only the physical / mental health benefits of plant-based eating, but equally important - the environmental benefits.

A plant-based diet: lowers heart disease risk; is linked to less plaque in the arteries; reduces risk factors for heart disease & diabetes; is associated with weight loss & increases overall lifespan.

Not sold yet?

The United Nations FAO estimates that "livestock production is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, while the Worldwatch Institute estimates it could be up to 51%. Not to mention it takes about 100 x more water to produce a pound of animal protein than a pound of grain protein."

The list of reasons to eat more plants goes on & on, but I only have so many characters.

I’m not saying 100% plant-based eating is for everyone- (I still occasionally indulge in eggs, seafood & cheese), but even making small changes to your eating habits has the power to make a difference to your health & the environment.

A great way to start introducing plant-based eating to your life is to choose a couple days a week to eliminate meat & dairy - and on the days you do choose to indulge, being more mindful about where your food comes from.

I assure you, you don’t have to compromise flavor to enjoy plant-based eating and it can be so fun to get creative. Give it a try.

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