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I am a passionate explorer of life, certified yoga instructor, avid hiker, student of Ayurveda and chef who loves sharing high vibrational food made with local ingredients and love. 

After a tough divorce, I embarked on a healing journey of self-inquiry where I began to explore childhood trauma & the destructive patterns that were holding me back from truly connecting to my power and those around. This journey of self-exploration allowed me to begin accessing the often-dormant self-healing potential that lives within us all.

Seeing the power of taking responsibility for my mental & physical health, through holistic healing practices such as yoga, meditation, nourishment of mind, body, soul and connection to the beauty found in the present moment has been key in assisting me on my healing journey, inspiring me to share all I continues to learn.

While no 2 paths are exactly alike, I believe at the core, many of us suffer from the same afflictions of heart & mind in this fast-paced, performance driven world we find ourselves in - which is why I feel it’s so powerful to gather and explore ourselves and our patterns as humans together. 

Over the years, I have completed


200 hour YTT through Yoga East West with a focus on Hatha Yoga 


280 hours yoga immersion training with a focus on Hatha Yoga, Yoga Activism, Yoga & Trauma and Yoga for women with Bex Tyrer at the Yoga Barn in Bali

36 hour Yoga Nidra training through Open Space in Honolulu


36 hour Ayurveda training through Open Space Yoga


60 hour Ayurveda Yoga Shakti training through the American Institute of Vedic Studies


500 hour Ayurveda program through the American Institute of Vedic Studies  

Heart of Tantra Immersion Training with Sebastian Valensi of the Modern Mystics School

& love combining elements from all trainings when sharing healing.

To learn more about the experiences that landed me on this healing journey visit my blog.


The Wounds we Carry from our Childhood Trauma. | elephant journal

The Terrors of Post-Divorce Dating. | elephant journal


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