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Ghee, the Ayurvedic Superfood

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Ahh, Ghee. You sweet, delicious liquid. Described by Ayurveda as liquid gold, this medicinal fat has been used both internally and topically in Indian culture & Ayurveda for thousands of years

A powerful anti-inflammatory, Ghee is said to lubricate the body’s connective tissues, promote flexibility, improve memory & brain function, calm the nervous system, enhance digestion by sustaining healthy microbes in the gastrointestinal tract, support the immune system and increase the absorption of other nutrients. It appears there’s not much Ghee can’t do.

All health benefits aside, Ghee tastes AHHMAZING, and adds a rich, flavorful depth to cooking. I’m sold. Can you tell?!

Although, I don’t quite believe Ghee is Vegan, as it still comes from butter, some believe it is, due to the removal of all milk fats in the cooking process. Regardless of what you believe, Ghee contains practically no lactose or casein, making it great for those who can’t usually digest dairy.

Bonus Ghee has a much higher smoke point than butter – about 450 degrees and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You just have to make sure to use a clean, dry spoon or knife each time you dip in the jar to prevent mold from growing. I totally learned this the hard way - my favorite way to learn. ;)

Since discovering the joy of Ghee, I’ve been experimenting adding this sweet fat to both cooking and baking and have even tried it in my morning latte. Topical experimentation coming soon.

For now, I will leave you with a recipe for Ghee.

P.S Traditionally, mantras are chanted or played while making Ghee, in order to infuse the golden nectar with loving energy. Give it a try. :)


2 pounds unsalted butter

1 pinch salt (optional)


1) Over low heat, melt butter in a large skillet until butter starts to foam and boil - about 10 minutes.

2) Push foam to the side, without stirring, to see if butter is clear, bright, and golden. I like to wait until the bottom of the pan begins to darken ever so slightly. Be sure to watch carefully so your ghee doesn't turn into browned butter or worse - burnt butter. ;)

3) Remove from heat, and add in the salt if desired. Cool for 5-10 minutes. .

4) Pour butter into a clear glass container, through fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove foam & any remaining particles.


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